Building Appeal & donations

The Helios Centre is relocating by April 2024 so we need help in paying to refurbish a new building 

At the Helios Centre we have been helping people living with long-term health since the 80s.  After 22 years in Judd Street, Kings Cross, our lease has finally come to an end so we will be moving in 2024, hopefully to a new centre nearby. We need help for this to happen.

Our clients, therapists and staff have come to love our Judd Street premises, but it will soon be time to move on, so we are planning to refurbish a building nearby to become our new purpose-designed centre. Many, many people rely on Helios for their physical and mental health, so we want to make this process as seamless as possible.

Help us with fundraising and donations

Moving is costly so we need to raise funds for fit-out costs and moving costs. If there are generous benefactors out there then maybe we could buy a building which would help secure the future of Helios for many years to come.

Aside from the costs of relocation, we need to raise funds in order to deliver our services. Every donation makes a difference and helps us to continue delivering our range of therapies.

This money is raised through a variety of different ways. Without the generous donations from individuals, groups, and companies, we cannot continue to operate.



What do we need to raise funds for?

New building refurbishment costs

We are looking for a building that will be our home for many years to come. A new building will provide Helios with a chance to build a purpose made centre with full disabled access and extra therapy rooms, enabling us to take on more clients for whom we currently don’t have capacity for. The premises, we are currently looking at, is in poor condition and needs extensive works.  

Your support will help us carry on our much needed service, which we started over 40 years ago. 

Refurbishment costs need to include a complete new layout which is estimated to cost £200,000.  New windows are estimated at £38,000, so we need a total of at least £238,000.
£120,000 has been raised so far, thank you! But, we urgently need to raise more than £118,000 to be able to go ahead with the works. and secure a future for the Helios Centre.
Ongoing running costs

We are proud that we run the Helios Centre efficiently which we do with minimal staff and lots of help from volunteers. However we still need to raise funds of around £180,000 to run the centre each year. 

This enables us to provide over 5000 one hour therapy session to 450 clients each year.

Ways to Donate to the Helios Centre

  • Donate Money
  • A Gift in Your Will – Leaving a gift in your Will, once your loved ones are looked after, will transform the future for people living with chronic health conditions.

Make a Donation

Making a donation to The Helios Centre will have a huge impact. We need donations both for our new building and for the ongoing costs of providing our services. We provide outstanding local support for our community and each donation means more people can be helped.

You can donate:

Our JustGiving webpage makes it easy to make a one-off or set up a regular donation.
It is a safe and secure way to donate online.

By Text
Did you know you can now donate to us by text?
Text HELIOS to 70490 to donate £15.

Texts will cost the donation amount plus any standard network rate for the text message, and this will appear in your network bill. You will be opting into hearing more from us via the texting service. If you would like to donate but don’t wish to hear more from us, please text HELIOSNOINFO instead.

By Cheque
If you would like to send a donation by post, please write to:
The Helios Centre,
116 Judd Street,
London, WC1H 9NS.
Please remember to include your contact details so we can write to thank you.
If you used a paper sponsorship form, please remember to post the completed form with the cheque to allow us to claim any gift aid.

Bank Transfer
Make a donation direct to our bank account. 
Please make a payment to The Helios Foundation 

Sort code: 204660    Account number: 30924954 (Barclays)

Cash can be brought to the reception here at The Helios Centre.
Please contact us on 020 7713 7120 to arrange this. Cash should not be posted.

A Gift in Your Will

Making a gift in your will helps The Helios Centre to challenge stigma, promote independent living and improve health for our clients. It may also reduce the amount of inheritance tax liability on your estate. See:

Leaving a legacy in your will is one of the best ways of ensuring that we can continue our valuable work. A gift in your will, however small or large, can help ensure we can always be here providing treatment and support for people with chronic health problems. By making a Will you can ensure that your wishes, and the people and causes you care about, are provided for. By leaving a gift to the Helios Foundation in your Will you can shape the future, ensuring that we are always here for people living with HIV. Every single gift is vital to the Helios Centre and we appreciate any gift you may choose to leave us. Whatever the value of your gift, it will go a long way to help someone who needs us. It will not cost you a penny during your lifetime. It is simple to do and is free from inheritance tax. All gifts, whatever their size make a real difference. It truly is a gift of a lifetime. We thank you in advance for making a generous, thoughtful contribution.

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Using a solicitor or Wills service

Due to the potential legal challenges of producing a Will, we recommend using a professional service to write your Will. 

We’ve partnered with to provide all our supporters with the opportunity to make their own fully comprehensive Will for free. With online service, you can make a free, legally-binding Will in just fifteen minutes. Each Will is checked by legal experts and your Will can be updated quickly and easily for free, forever. There may be some add-on charges if your Will is particularly complicated, but we are told that over 99% of Wills will be totally free.

There’s no obligation to leave a gift to us, but we do hope you do so to enable us to continue our important work.

Alternatively use a solicitor. The cost of using a solicitor can depend on how complicated your Will is and where you live. The costs should be made clear at the start of the process, and it is worth comparing quotes.

Donations at a funeral service

Most funeral organisers are happy to take donations on behalf of a charity as a part of your loved one’s funeral package. They will advise you about how to let people who will be attending the ceremony know in advance that they can donate to the Helios Foundation on the day if they wish to.

Donate in memory

You can also donate directly in memory of a loved one by (just giving link) or by arranging a bank transfer. We care about the Helios community, and would love to hear about why you are donating, and to email or write to you to say thank you and let you know how your gift will continue to help others in memory of your loved one. But if you would rather not share your reasons we of course respect your wishes. If you’d like to notify us in advance about a gift in memoriam; to ensure that collected donations are grouped together for a certain individual, please contact us.